Found just offshore from Port Calling, Saint Elena’s Mount is a small island connected to the mainland by a narrow causeway. Covered in buildings, the tallest point of the Mount is marked by an immense statue of the Emperor. Standing over 80 meters in height, the figure is dressed in full armor and holds its arms out, as if offering benediction to the people of Port Calling.

The Mount is home to three Adepta Sororitas Orders---Dialogous, Famulous, and Hospitaller. Although small in number (there are perhaps no more than 100 Sisters total on-planet), the Orders are as dedicated and faithful as any in the sector. Of the three Orders, the only ones seen in Port Calling with any regularity are the Hospitallers, who maintain the Hospital of Saint Elena. Of the other two Orders, those of Dialogous remain sequestered in the Mount amid their scrolls and papers, while those of the Orders Famulous use their time on the Piety of Seth to reaffirm their faith before going back out among the nobility of Calixis Sector. Finally, while the Mount doesn’t maintain a permanent garrison of the Orders Militant, there are always small numbers of Battle Sisters there on layover after accompanying pilgrims and Ecclesiarchy notables to Port Calling.

The TriumvirateEdit

Saint Elena’s Mount is run by a trio of three Palatines, one from each Order. Palatine Orlean Lachesnaye, head of the Order Dialogous, is almost never seen in Port Calling and rarely receives visitors who aren’t of the Adepta Sororitas. She seems indifferent at best to the cult of Seth and seems to value the Mount’s isolation from Port Calling in general and the sector at large, as a way of ensuring her Sisters will be able to work without distraction or interruption.

The Order Famulous is headed by Palatine Venria Anaxandra. As is fitting with a Sister of the Famulous, she acts as the go-between for the Mount and Port Calling. Scrupulous about discipline and order (lest a Sister be tempted by the excesses of the outside world), she adheres tightly to the tenants of her faith and feels Halaby is too lenient with the people of Port Calling and their excessive displays of worship and devotion.

Palatine Malgorzata Ider leads the Order Hospitaller. While dedicated to the well-being of patients under her Sisters’ care, she’s rebuffed all attempts to change the name of Saint Elena’s Hospital to Seth’s Hospital. An elderly and by all reports kindly Sister, she is a stickler for cleanliness, both of mind and body, and will bar any non-patient that doesn’t meet her standards of sanitation from even entering the hospital.

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