Blessed are the blind, for they have looked upon the glorious light of the Emperor directly and no true servant of the Golden Throne could ask for more. Through the agonizing ritual of soul-binding, these psykers have been gifted with a small portion of the Emperor’s incredible will. Thus protected from the worst evils of predation by warp entities, these unseeing servants of Terra can fulfil their primary function, preserving communication between the far-flung worlds of the Imperium.

The Calixis SectorEdit

As they are required for communication, psykers and astropaths are very important to the Imperium, and the Calixis Sector is no exception. On the capital world of Scintilla, the astropaths are led by Senior Astropath Xiao from the Bastion Porphyr. As is their duty, the Black Ships collect psykers as part of a planet's tithe among most worlds of the sector.

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