The High Fabricator selects a single Arch-Magos to serve as his second, an heir-apparent to share the burden of organizing and ruling the varied interests of the Mechanicus in the Calixis Sector. Currently, this Arch-Magos is Ralwure the Golden, Keeper of the Prime Logis Key.

The appointment of Ralwure was a surprise to the Lathe-Covenant council. Previously infamous as an extremely conservative Suspensor Magos, Ralwure’s elevation polarized the council between those welcoming his positions and others displeased at his growth in personal power. He represents the Imperio-Cognostician faction on the Lathe-Covenant council, and has escalated the significance of his role more and more over the last few years, as the High Fabricator pulled away, obsessed with events outside the core of the Calixis Sector.

Ralwure the Golden is not as politically astute as many would wish, and has made enemies amongst the various sects of the Calixian Mechanicus. It is well known, for example, that Ralwure considers the Techsorcists and Secutors to be misguided at best, and it is rumored that the Arch-Magos reserves a particular distaste for high-level support requests from the Inquisition. Conversely, he quite highly regards the warlike Divine Light of Sollex sect. From his position in the Lathes, Ralwure has often attempted to build influence with them in order to turn their particular zeal towards targets of his choosing.

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