Archaos is a hive world in the Drusus Marches of the Calixis Sector.

Unique EquipmentEdit


Dreamjuice is a popular recreational drug upon Archaos in the Drusus Marches. Aspiring philosophers often make use of the drug for insight into the universe or to gain an edge in the debates that occur amongst differing schools of thought within the planet’s hives. For psykers of the Ordo Malleus the drug is of far greater use as it dulls its users’ resistance to interrogation. Dreamjuice is a clear, bitter liquid that takes effect within five minutes. A dose of Dreamjuice adds +10 to all Intelligence Tests made by the target for it’s half hour duration. However, all Willpower Tests made under its effects suffer a –20 Penalty. After the effects have worn off, the user has distorted perceptions, suffering a –10 penalty to all Perception Tests. While it is not physically addictive, many users take multiple doses throughout each day, leading to the common description of Archaen philosophers: “dreamed up.”

Cost 75, Scarce

Theosophist’s Philtre

A heady, thick liquor of Archaos, forbidden by ancient law upon that world. It is said to give a drinker depth and clarity of thought, and though this is likely no more than the mystique that attends any forbidden item, this rare intoxicant is prized as a sign of culture and wealth amongst Calixian sophisticates.

Very Rare

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