A widely famed reader of the Emperor’s Tarot, known for the accuracy of his divination, Aristarchus also has wide experience at investigating psychic phenomena and has served the Inquisition faithfully for several decades. He is a deeply pious man who fervently believes that the Emperor and various saints of Imperial orthodoxy speak to him directly when he uses the Tarot. Aristarchus, somewhat unusually for a seer, also has a warm and charming manner and is clearly originally from a cultured and noble background. He is also a fairly powerful psyker in his own right, although his gifts are of the more subtle and introspective kind than many of the Inquisition’s psykers. A point of personal pride, he is distantly related to Saint Drusus.

Unfortunately for him, what he doesn’t even begin to expect is that he is being led on like a lamb to the slaughter. At the whispering of a Daemon known as Tsyiak, Missionary-Abbot Orland Skae has sent him a gift in the shape of an ancient set of the Emperor’s Tarot. Skae has claimed that the deck is a family heirloom that he has given to thank Aristarchus for his aid, as well as flattering his reputation as a seer. The deck is subtly tainted and its purpose is to cloud Aristarchus’ powers and slowly bend him to the Daemon’s will, as well as to soften his mind to accept the Dancer’s lies.