The population of Iocanthos are a mixed group; some are outcasts or refugees from elsewhere dumped on the world by Imperial authorities and others are the descendants of former convicts shipped in previous centuries. The largest group are known as the Ashleen, an indigenous clan of humans that predate the sector’s founding. The Ashleen are a warlike, semi-nomadic people who freely mix the primitive skills and lifestyles of hunter-gatherers with imported firearms and scavenged machinery.

Amongst the Ashleen, the elders known as Death Singers (a title that has a literal meaning as “one who sings for those who have been killed”) practice spatalamancy: divination of fate and the future by the use of skin and bones.

When Saint Drusus visited the world during the early crusades, he and his 2nd Army Group fought against the Ashleen and defeated them within a week's time. Once, the eldar corsair known as Ulthyr Ellarion visited a clan of Ashleen upon their celebration of the Feast of All Battles and reveled with them. When they all fell asleep, his crew kidnapped all of the clan, save one, who went on to spread word of what happened to his people.

Important AshleenEdit

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