Orks are a singularly violent race who exist for the love of war and battle alone. They are a perpetual scourge on the galaxy, raiding and rampaging wherever they can, and they pose a threat to many civilized worlds whenever they gather in great numbers. There are those Radicals within the Ordo Xenos who seek to manipulate Ork-kind, rather than simply destroy it, whether by bribing them to attack worlds outside the Imperium, attempting to divert their invasion fleets, or by actually seeking to utilize them as a mercenary force. Such Inquisitors are often short-lived, for Orks are duplicitous, their warlike instincts overriding any sort of honor or duty to those who have bought their services.

Fortunately for the authorities of the Calixis Sector, greenskins are rare in that region, existing as feral tribes on a handful of worlds and only appearing in greater numbers when an invading force crosses over from the neighboring Scarus Sector. There also exist scattered remnants of past invasions, Ork warbands who pose more of a threat than the feral tribes, but much less of a threat than a full-blown invasion.

One such tribe are the Axebiters, a warband belonging to the Blood Axe Clan. The Axebiters are rather more cunning and sneaky than most Orks, and are at least open to the concept of dealing with humanity, if not entirely sold on the idea. Several Radical Inquisitors have attempted to deal with the Axebiters in the past, whether attempting to secure their services to act as mercenaries or to make a deal with them to divert their raids into another area of space. The Axebiters are certainly not above making deals with the Inquisition, accepting payment in the form of Imperial munitions of various sorts---the more destructive and explosive, the better. Unfortunately, as such Inquisitors have discovered, dealing with the Axebiters is a short-term prospect at best. Sooner or later they tire of the deal and either turn on their master, killing the Inquisitor and his Acolytes, or turn their newly acquired guns and tanks on the next Imperial planet they come across. Neither outcome is entirely beneficial to the Inquisition, but entirely in keeping with the low cunning prevalent amongst Ork-kind.

As a ResourceEdit

What It Provides: This tribe of Orks will act as mercenaries, attack a planet, hold off attacking a planet, or raid shipping lanes.

Prerequisites: Forbidden Lore (Xenos).

Resource Test Modifier: +10.

Price/Cost: The Axebiter Orks accept payment in guns, ammunition, grenades, or vehicles.

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