This taciturn monk was once a sniper in the infamous Scythewind, a unit fielded by Imperial Guard regiments raised on the death world Mortressa---he has tribal tattoos to prove it. He serves principally as Stern Hope’s Intercessor (a religious enforcer) and is charged with looking to the defense of the settlement. He is also effectively Abbot Skae’s bodyguard, though the old missionary would deny that he has need for any such protection because the Emperor Himself watches over him.

Severus habitually wears a flak vest over his robes and carries a laspistol and mono-axe at his belt. When expecting trouble he is also equipped with either a pump shotgun or long las, both of which he keeps in his chamber at the priory.

Severus knows little about the strange phenomena in Stern Hope, and at the abbot’s request, he has not investigated the occurrences---Skae having insisted that experts handle the matter.

Severus hardly speaks at all. A dour and unsociable man, he prefers to act under orders and within established guidelines, and rarely does anything under his own initiative.

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