Muscle for hire is not hard to come by in the sector, but few can lean on a reputation as polished as that of the Brotherhood of Thollos. Once recruited only from the Infernis gangers of Gunmetal City, the Brotherhood has spread like a stain across the sector with Sibellan narco-gangers and other hardened types from the gutters of the sector’s hives swelling its ranks. The Brotherhood offers some of the most professional, brutal and expensive stubjacks, heavies, thieves and bagmen that can be chartered on this side of the Halo Stars. Discerning in the jobs they take, the Brotherhood knows better than to anger the great powers of the noble houses and Adepta, but consider everybody and everything else fair game. Not all of those within the Brotherhood are mercenary hirelings; they also number talented fixers, information gleaners and black marketeers among their ranks. It is in the brutality underpinning organized crime that most of their members excel.

Background PackagesEdit

Scum: The Brotherhood of Thollos

Home World: Hive World or Imperial World

Cost: 200 XP

Scum who have learned their trade with the Brotherhood tend to consider themselves “professionals” in the criminal trade, and are used to hard knocks, sudden violence and betrayal. Most also possess a wide network of former employers, old contacts and rivals, all of which may be useful to their Inquisitor.

Effects: Apply all of the following changes to your character:

Characteristics: Increase starting Weapon Skill and Toughness each by +3. Reduce starting Fellowship by –5.

Talents: You begin the game with the Street Fighting and Peer (Underworld) talents.

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