The Piety of Seth’s Planetary Governor, Cardinal Halaby spends most of his time sequestered in his palace, overseeing the day-to-day operations of the world. He dresses in the full regalia of his station, and expects to be treated with the proper degree of respect and obeisance. While he respects the Sethians’ devotion to their beloved Seth, he has no desire to see a repeat of the Sons of Drusus and monitors the faithful carefully for signs of heretical behavior. At the same time, he makes sure to attend passion plays at Advoco’s (where he has a private box) and walks the Progress every year.

Currently, Cardinal Halaby’s greatest concern is rooting out those responsible for the ritualized killings of pilgrims. He suspects something far greater than a simple heretical cult is responsible, and has turned his attentions to Port Hadley. He feels the Port may be the scene of smuggling (among other crimes) by unscrupulous Rogue Traders.

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