Titles: Master of the Five Temples of Tephaine

Seat of Power: Tephaine

Arch-Diocese: Adrantis Sub-Sector

Very young for a Cardinal at a mere 80 years, Pyris Valcarna was once a luminary of the Tranchian Valcarna Noble House; gifted to the church as part of their contracts of accord for training and service to the God-Emperor. Though always assured a position of importance within the Ministorum by way of his birth, he surprised both his family and his peers by proving an adept administrator and canny judge of political tides. With these qualities and the favor of Ignato, he rose quickly to gain eventually the mantle of Cardinal and command of the Adrantian Diocese. However, this swift rise to power and his close connection with the Arch-Cardinal have earned him many enemies within the Sector Synod and many of the other Cardinals, especially Kregory Hestor, who see Pyris as little more than Ignato’s dog. For his part, however, Pyris is a competent and capable leader and has done much to spread the faith within his diocese and combat the spread of heresy and corruption.

Pyris has his seat on the hive world of Tephaine in the populous Tephaine System. Though it is traditional for a Cardinal to hold his office from the world of his birth (or at least the world on which he held office for the Ministorum before his appointment to the Synod) Pyris chose not to, given his home world’s current strife. In fact the civil war on Tranch is an ongoing concern for Pyris (though it has little impact on the well-being of the sector) and he continues to try and use his influence to bring about a lasting peace. However, he must tread lightly in such matters lest the Administratum and other Imperial or system authorities see his actions as favoring one organization or the another with the power of the Ministorum---a situation that if it were to get out of hand might have far reaching and disastrous consequences, such a weakening of church influence across the sub-sector.

Apart from his focus on Tranch, Pyris’s other major concern for his diocese is the activities of Magos Genetus Halix Redole. Though tension between the Ministorum and the Adeptus Mechanicus is far from unusual, Pyris is concerned that Redole’s research and investigations into the Adranti (a civilization rumored to have once covered much of the sub-sector) may lead to the unearthing of things best left buried. Currently Pyris is limited in his efforts to restrict or stop the activities of the Magos, given the Mechanicus’ position outside the boundaries of the faith. He is however quietly gathering information (in league with agents of the Ordo Hereticus), and knows he will have Ignato’s support to act should he uncover the slightest taint of heresy.

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