Over a decade ago, a schism erupted within the adepts of the Hippocrasian Agglomeration, as several research vessels pulled away from Morwen VI and sought less crowded skies in which to pursue an independent program of research. The Carnicula are not solely fixated on mortality and decay, but rather on multifarious approaches to lengthening the lifespan of various vat-grown constructs. Even their Hippocrasian brethren see the adepts of the Carnicula as unwholesomely fixated on the flesh and, in fact, many of them have augmented their bodies with new biological components. Although not heretical by the strictest of definitions, most of the Mechanicus Calixis find these fleshly augmetics inefficient, terribly distasteful, and even an affront to the Machine God.

The Carnicula has become loosely aligned to the Organicists of wider Mechanicus recognition. Although most of the Lathe Worlds do not look upon them with great favor, whenever an ageing Arch-Magos finds his biological components going into final system shutdown, they waste no time in seeking out the Carnicula and its dedicated Biologis research ships.

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