A warp storm in the Koronus Expanse.

Unique EquipmentEdit

Intertial Hammer

Found mostly in the ruins of several ancient dead worlds surrounding the Cauldron, the so-called Inertial Hammers have very long haft, nearly shoulder high (leaving some to believe the xenos race that created them were taller than normal humans). The head is a dead black color, flaring into a huge flat striking surface at one end. The other end is surrounded by what are thought to be power cables and the esoteric engines that drive the device. When swung, the head seems to gather inertial energy exponentially, so the weapon seems lighter and swings more easily the further it moves. On impact the inertia is transformed into kinetic energy, allowing it to strike in a single arc with enough concussive force to rupture a tank hull.

If the user performs an All Out Attack Action with this weapon, the weapon deals an additional 1d10+3 I damage (for 2d10+10 total). This weapon requires two hands to use.

Melee, 2d10+7, I, PEN 7, Unwieldy, WT 4kg, Near Unique


Found primarily in the gas giants in systems near the Cauldron, this oily blue-green liquid is rather unremarkable except that it spontaneously bursts into a dark blue flame when exposed to oxygen. Rebel and recidivist strike forces sometimes use it in booby traps, or simply throw glass bottles of the liquid at their enemy. Firewater explosions inflict 1d10 E Damage per kilogram used, and a blast radius of two meters per the weight in kilograms. Those caught in the blast area must make an Agility Test or catch on fire. There is no Good or Best Craftsmanship version of this item.

1kg, Rare

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