Beneath the fabric of reality lurks the warp, a realm of unspeakable horror and maddening Chaos---a realm inhabited by the Dark Powers. Since time immemorial, man has believed in the existence of spirits, gods and Daemons: otherworldly powers to be appeased, feared and bargained with. In the darkness of the 41st Millennium, such things are all too real and find fertile ground to prosper in the souls of men. The true nature of these powers can only be guessed at, their dark names whispered by traitorous lips into heretical ears. Most of humanity knows nothing of these powers, nor would ever want to. However, their influence cannot be denied. Of all the Dark Powers, the four Chaos gods, Khorne, Tzeentch, Slaanesh and Nurgle, cast all others into shadow.

Slaves to DarknessEdit

“I have seen what the rewards of freedom are: the screams of those not allowed to die, the drip of blood, and the howling of hungry things on the edge of sight.”

–from the proclamations of Inquisitor Xerxes, Ordo Malleus

Within the realm of psychic energy that is called the warp exist dark and malign intelligences formed from the darkest thoughts, desires, and fears of sentient creatures. The greatest of these beings are called variously the Dark Gods, the Ruinous Powers, or the Gods of Chaos, and they promise all manner of powers to those who are foolish enough to bend their knee in worship to them. These deluded fools who become enthralled to power of Chaos have forfeited their immortal souls, and their lives are subject to the whims of their dark masters; whether they believe it or not, they are slaves to darkness and eternally damned.

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