Peerless smugglers among stars of the Calixis Sector, the Cold Guild’s business is simple: transportation. Its membership is made up of anonymous crewmen, corrupt officials, petty merchants and even a few ships’ captains, and its history goes back centuries. The Cold Guild’s existence is something of an open secret, and though they may be outlawed by the Arbites and publicly decried by Chartist Captains, they persist, in no small part, because of their usefulness to many powerful groups and hidden factions. Of course, the Guild itself plays no favorites. Rarely bothered with petty contraband, the Guild specializes high-profit, high-risk cargos such as illegal arms and contraband, but for a price. It can be hired to move anything from people on the run, to small cargoes that cannot even pass through more conventional smuggling means. Be it the hunted renegade noble travelling as a corpse on a barge of the dead, to the vilest of most proscribed delights hidden in a fallen priest’s aquila chain, the Guild can always find a way to make the crossing, and cares nothing for the consequences if their employers cannot meet their steep price.

Unknown to all but themselves, the excommunicated radical Inquisitorial faction known as the Phaenonites have worked their way into the organization and now have highly-placed agents within the Cold Guild as a direct result of their long-term plans for the sector.

Background PackagesEdit

Scum: Cold Guild Courier

Home World: Void Born

Cost: 100 XP

Many Inquisitors, who have need of infiltrators and couriers to acquire the highest grade of information, find former Guilders to be great assets. In the hunt for proscribed and dangerous items, an expert eye for hiding places is also extremely useful. Though valued for their unique skills, some are reluctant to recruit from these groups, not just for their unsavory pasts, but because the long periods of travelling in cryonic suspension or in cramped holds, as is oft-required by the Guild, take their toll on the health of their agents.

Effects: Apply all of the following changes to your character:

Characteristics: Increase Perception by +5, but reduce Toughness by –5.

Talents: You gain Concealed Cavity, Peer (Void Born), and Talented (Concealment) at the start of the game.

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