A rough alliance of roving alien mercenaries for hire, the soldiers of the Cortax are available to the highest bidder, sometimes changing sides more than once or twice over the course of a conflict or even a single battle. Yet, for all their seeming fickleness, the Cortax are a highly sought after force within the Calixis Sector, for they provide an easily deniable, cheap source of soldiers with little in the way of morals or qualms about their victims. And, for Inquisitors seeking to ferment conflict and war without any consideration for the eventual winner, such as the Istvaanians, the Cortax’s readiness to change sides mid-way through a war only serves their purpose all the more.

As a ResourceEdit

What It Provides: These mercenaries can invade a planet, raid a settlement, or attack a spaceship.

Prerequisites: Forbidden Lore (Xenos).

Resource Test Modifier: +10.

Price/Cost: The Cortax accepts payment in weapons or Throne Gelt.

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