Coseflame is a feudal world in the Adrantis Sub-sector of the Calixis Sector. A small, inhabited planetoid riven with deep chasms and gorges criss-crossing its surface, Coseflame is sometimes known as the “cracked world” due to its appearance from space. Nevertheless, Coseflame supports a burgeoning human population who have developed numerous “chasm-city” states, driven by steam power and black powder, that constantly bicker and fight one another. Many off-world traders and agents can be encountered in the numerous marketplaces, bartering sophisticated goods and weapons for the wondrous crystals and rare ores the planetoid is famed for.

Unique EquipmentEdit

Steam Drill

Class: Melee (Primitive)

These bulky, temperamental devices are primitive mining rigs used on worlds such as Sepheris Secundus and Coseflame, where more sophisticated tools, like the breacher units favored by the Mechanicus, would be impossible to maintain. Powered by a weighty, scolding hot, backpack steam-compressor that serves to turn a huge boring drill-bit, they are not intended as weapons, however, are capable of inflicting very serious damage should an unfortunate get in the way of the drill head.

Steam drills require a Strength Bonus of 4 or more to be used effectively as a weapon. Weaker characters suffer a –10 WS penalty for each point of Strength Bonus below 4. Such is the bulk of a Steam Drill that they impose a –10 to Agility while carried.

Melee, 2d10(+SB), I, PEN 3, Primitive, Two-Handed, Unbalanced, Unwieldy, WT 18kg, Cost 100, Very Rare

Tower Shield

Class: Melee (Primitive)

A tower shield is an immense shield of wood or metal, used to provide a mobile barrier more than an active defence. Simple plated iron examples are a common sight in the canyons and narrow passageways of Coseflame, while the inlaid bronze and wood shields found on Monrass are considered works of art in their own right.

Tower shields can be used as cover rather than as body armour; a re-enforced wooden version provides 6 AP (Primitive) while a sturdier, solid metal one provides 8 AP (Primitive). They are bulky and very unwieldy items and impose a penalty of –2 to the Agility Bonus of their users.

Metal - Melee, 1d5+2(+SB), I, PEN 0, Defensive, Primitive, WT 7kg, Cost 60, Rare

Wood - Melee, 1d5+1(+SB), I, PEN 0, Defensive, Primitive, WT 5kg, Cost 40, Uncommon

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