A recent development on Lathe-Hadd, rumors place this loose association of adepts far from the center of control on the planet, and rather in the more desolate region of Hadd Sur. The brutal removal of production facilities, theoretically to make way for some grand project as the Forge Master decreed, ravaged this area very harshly. But as years pass and still no advancement is made, the populace of the Silent Forge has grown more and more restive, searching farther and farther afield for purpose and guidance. The Cult Achanum, the whispers suggest, offers exactly this.

Preaching from the rust-streaked, hollow shells of now-empty fabrication halls, the leaders of the Cult Achanum speak in strident tones of the Omnissiah. These compelling speakers claim that the Omnissiah holds a special fate for each of His consecrated brethren, from the highest Forge Master to the lowliest menial. Fate is preordained, and the Machine God, knowing all, wishes only that His followers accept these paths and walk them in courage. The Cult interprets desire and ambition as dangerous aberrations, counter to the wishes of the Omnissiah. A loyal follower of the Cult should not strive to break from their path, but rather accept what has been handed down to them. The present state of affairs on Lathe-Hadd is part of the Machine God’s plan, they say, and thus should not be fought, but rather accepted in quiet contemplation awaiting his design to unfold. Many wonder if this exists more to ensure the placidity of the natives than to affirm the Cult.

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