Calixian CurrenciesEdit

While Thrones are a common term throughout the sector, most citizens continue to use local names for currency. These can vary widely from one planet to the next and may even differ within a world itself. Some of the more prominent terms for Thrones within the Calixis Sector include:

Scints, Scolds and Scabs — These are all terms used in the hives of Scintilla, and have become synonyms with the most valuable denominations of the Thrones, based in no small part on that world's excessive levels of wealth.

Soules — On the war world of Iocanthos many believe that their money is forever stained by the blood of mercenaries, giving rise to the idea of trading in the souls of fallen warriors.

Rounds — Used in the depths of Gunmetal City, where actual bullets are sometimes used as currency.

Chips or Lumps — In the mines and villages of Sepheris Secundus, life revolves around endless mining, to the point where chips and lumps of ore are synonymous with Thrones.

Lords and Ladies — On the medieval backwater of Acreage, each noble is responsible for minting his own coins, with the value of each make of coin being directly tied to the fortunes of the lord or lady whose likeness it bears.

Scales or Fins — On the water world of Spectoris, fish are found in all aspects of life, to the point where being particularly flush with cash is often referred to as having a shoal of fins or looking a bit scaly.

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