"No matter the power you wield, there is always a road to failure and the death of trusted friends. At the end of that road lies Cyclopea: it is a cursed world, and to journey there will blacken your soul and taint your actions."

–From the Journals of Inquisitor Felroth Gelt, 780.M41

Cyclopea is a Forge World in the Periphery of the Calixis Sector. Strange technologies are studied and replicated within the Cyclopean research stations. There exists a cult of wise tech-witches on Cyclopea, devotees of Ammicus Tole, who perform blood sacrifices and wild rituals taught within his tome, in particular the forging of the prognosticaon, a device that can foretell future events.

Unique EquipmentEdit

Cyclopea-Pattern Power Maul

A huge and intimidating two-handed weapon unique to the Calixis Sector, this power maul contains a monstrously overcharged disruption field which actively shatters the bonds between the molecules contained within items it strikes. Resembling a feudal mace, this maul has only one power setting: maximal. Potent enough to crush groundcars or send shattered opponents flying dozens of feet with a single stroke, this weapon is reserved for the most intense riots. It is designed to awe and terrorize the enemies of the Arbites, to send entire mobs cowering before the user. An Arbitrator who hits a target with a Cyclopea-pattern Power Maul gains the Fear (1) Trait against that targets' allies for the remainder of the encounter.

Melee, 2D10, I, PEN 5, Power Field, Unwieldy, Two-Handed, Shocking, Special, WT 8.5kg, Cost 4,000, Rare

Forge World OriginsEdit

Once a Tech-Priest known only as “The Fabricator” ruled in apostasy over this forge world, which is in truth a series of space stations known as the Cyclopean Network. Orbiting a blighted world of misery and pain, the Network was entirely staffed with Servitors during his eccentric reign, and it remains a place for silent research. Tech-Priests from all across the Calixis Sector come to learn what secrets its enigmatic ruler left behind when he fled to a distant sector.

Characters originating from Cyclopea begin play with training in the Forbidden Lore (Archeotech) Skill and the Talent Binary Chatter.