Known Aliases: Master Sevensins

Known Associates or Organizations: The Logicians, the Children of Nomen Ryne

Preferred Methods of Operation: Scayl runs his operations from afar, trusting his instructions to special bionically-enhanced couriers or specialized cogitators locked with a gene-coded seal. Few have seen Scayl in person since his withdrawal from the Ordo Hereticus, but his agents can be found on many a hive world throughout the sector. There are other Tech-Priests of the Lathes who claim that Scayl is merely misguided and should be returned to the blessings of the Omnissiah rather than struck down.

A Tech-Priest Magos of the Lathe Worlds, Cyrrik Scayl left behind his homeworld of Hadd to serve in the Ordo Hereticus more than two centuries ago. During his time with the Ordo, Scayl became obsessed with tech-heresy, deeming it endemic to the Calixis Sector. He became famous for his long-winded rants that the Inquisition should take a deeper notice of blasphemies against the Omnissiah occurring under its purview. When his clumsy attempts at oratory failed, Scayl withdrew from the Ordo to pursue tech-heretics personally.

However, once in the field, Scayl found his perspective changing. An encounter with the archheretek Nomen Ryne led to an epiphany for Scayl, and rather than hunting tech-heretics, he joined their number as an ardent convert. Scayl pursued scraps of information about such tech-heretics as Ammicus Tole, Illucis Grizvaldi, and Nomen Ryne himself for years before beginning to formulate his own theories and research. Scayl vowed to surpass those he once mocked and derided, and he dedicated himself to the search for a means by which to replicate a human consciousness into the form of a self-aware machine–spirit: the dreaded tech-heresy of the Silica Animus. So far, Scayl’s research indicates that only the mind of a psyker possesses the strength of will required to endure the process, but he hopes to refine his theories after experimentation so that any mind can thus be transformed.

Several worlds on the frontier of the Calixis Sector are home to secret laboratories and dissection chambers where agents of Cyrrik Scayl labor under his remote direction. Recently, Scayl has made contact with the Logicians cult, and his former colleagues in the Ordo Hereticus fear that an alliance between these two heretical powers may prove disastrous. To date, however, all agents sent to discover the whereabouts of the renegade Magos have failed to return.

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