Dalthus is a mining world in the Hazeroth Abyss of the Calixis Sector. On Dalthus, Inquisitor Octus Enoch uncovered a xenos-worshipping coven, only to discover its foolhardy Warp-dabblings had attracted not the alien overlords the cult members had sought, but the daemonic servants of Nurgle. Octus sent a cell of Acolytes to aid the Ordo Xenos in the battle, and during the event one of his Banishers averted an incursion that might have cost the lives of billions.

The Folly of the Prefect Majoris of DalthusEdit

When the Rogue Trader Lady Sun Lee was granted her Warrant in 538.M41, it was on the condition that she put in at the mining world of Dalthus in the Hazaroth Abyss. The mining interests that ruled the world had been tardy in paying their dues, and the Calixis Sector authorities wished to apply a little pressure to its Imperial Commander. Lady Sun Lee arrived in-system and immediately commenced a continuous broadcast extolling the glory of the Imperium and the great honor the mining clans were soon to enjoy by receiving her state visit.

The planet’s rulers were sent into a panic, believing themselves about to be paid a visit by a senior delegation of Adeptus Terra representatives expecting to receive the tithe. Throughout the week it took for Sun Lee’s flotilla to reach the inner system, the planet’s Prefect Majoris launched a desperate round of tithe-raising amongst his subjects. By the time the lady Rogue Trader arrived at Dalthus, a cargo vessel’s worth of the dainty trinkets for which the world is known had been readied for her. The prefect received Sun Lee in what passed for luxury on the mining world, showering her and her retinue with gifts. Three weeks later, the Rogue Trader made her excuses, having loaded up her vessel with the gifts the prefect had offered, admonishing him sweetly to remember to pay the tithe when the Emperor’s counting boat arrived in a year’s time. By all accounts the prefect’s face was a picture. He disappeared soon after, unable to meet the coming tithe having opened his vaults to the Rogue Trader Lady Sun Lee.

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