“Do not linger too long on your own greatness; it is as ash and your pride as fragile as sun bleached bone. Think instead only of the light of Him on Earth, which illuminates both life and death, rise and fall, and is forever unfailing in its greatness”

–from Reflections of Purity, dictated by Arch Deacon Procurator Priam

If anyone most represents the subtle threat of the Temple Tendency in its purest form, it is Deacon Priam. As Arch Deacon Procurator of the Golgenna Reach, Priam administers the Ecclesiarchy’s physical holdings in the wealthiest sub-sector of Calixis. Born of a noble bloodline, which has also produced an Inquisitor of the Calixian Conclave, Priam has influence and connections that spread far outside the cult itself. He has the ear of Arch-Cardinal Ignato, the most senior and highly respected member of the Ecclesiarchy in the Calixis Sector. He is known to have close ties with Inquisitor Glavius Wroth.

All of Priam’s public dealings, however, are a lie. He is in truth a hidden Pontifex of the Temple of the Saviour Emperor and its leader in the Calixis Sector. Moving behind the scenes and using his connections, Priam has ensured that the plans of the Tendency in the Calixis Sector go far beyond petty acts of spite. He is the most dangerous variety of heretic: able, ruthless, and filled with a vision and purpose. Easily the most capable man to lead the Calixian sect in generations, he has greatly increased its power base and scope in the last few decades, and has the ambition to do much more.

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