A burnt orb hanging suspended over the turbulent sea of its temperamental star, the wastes of Desideratum provide the primary testing range for macro-class weapons within the Lathes System. Several stations and platforms orbit the world, although many are nothing more than frameworks for the support of weapon systems. Others, such as the Sagitarium Platforms, feature fantastical weapons, created from datascraps of days long ancient, that would boggle the minds of historians and war-savants across the galaxy. Mounting enormous, variable-calibre cannons, the ceramite and adamantium plates of their barrels shift position to form weapons able to fire almost any conceivable ammunition. A less pure-minded researcher would find such a weapon irresistible.

So many shells, warheads, and energy beams have blasted the surface of the planet that its original geology cannot be guessed. The entire surface is now churned beyond recognition, hiding any number of unexploded shells and failed experiments, as the Fabricators of the Lathes have forbidden any servants of the Omnissiah from landing on the planet itself.

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