The Draethri are a xenos race. The Draethri Pain Gauntlet, which often takes the form of a whip or gauntlet, but can appear as a myriad of other shapes is a torture device, that connects to the target's nervous system, and overloads it with pain.

Unique EquipmentEdit

Draethri Pain Gauntlet

The pain gauntlet is a device popular amongst the dark alien race known as the Draethri, for the amount of agony it inflicts is far out of proportion to the lethality of the weapon. Often taking the form of a whip or spiked glove, the pain gauntlet can also be found in much more curious forms, such as small glass boxes into which the victim’s hand is placed, or needle-like probes inserted into the spine or skull of a victim.

Regardless of the form, all pain gauntlets work in the same way. Upon contact with a victim, the pain gauntlet connects to his nervous system, taking control of it and turning it against the victim’s own body, overloading it with varying amounts of pain. At its crudest, the gauntlet can be used as a simple yet effective weapon, quickly immobilizing opponents in melee.

Such a crude use is sniffed at by the Draethri, however, who prefer to use the device to torture captured prisoners. Such a use has made it popular amongst those Radical Inquisitors for whom expediency in information acquisition takes precedence over the condition of the prisoner after the interrogation.

The pain gauntlet can be used as a weapon with the profile provided, or it can be used as part of an interrogation. Using the pain gauntlet as part of an interrogation requires a Hard (–20) Forbidden Lore (Xenos) Test. For every Degree of Success, the subject suffers a point of Damage each Round.

This Damage is not reduced for Armor or Toughness. For every point of Damage inflicted in a single Round, any Interrogation Tests against the victim gain a +10 bonus.

Melee, 1d10+2, R, PEN 0, Shocking, WT 3kg, Cost 1,500, Very Rare

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