On the final day of 815.M41, an encoded data-fragment contained in a crystalline stasis shell was delivered to Inquisitor Lord Caidin at the Tricorn Palace on Scintilla. The Inquisition labelled it “the Euhedral datalith,” and the data-fragment’s advanced cipher decay required several high-function cogitators to fully decrypt the partial message within. Purported to be an urgent communication from an unknown Tech-Priest on Lathe-Hesh, the data-fragment described an encounter aboard the Panopticon with a nightmarish force named “the Dragon Secutorii.”

According to the Euhedral datalith’s unknown author, the Dragon Secutorii are a force of exactly three hundred Mechanicus Secutors---all specially selected veteran warriors---sworn to the Lords Dragon upon the annihilatrix altar in the Panopticon. These warriors are not elite soldiers. Instead, they are the ultimate sanction of the Lords Dragon, deployed only as a measure of undeniable last resort. Furthermore, the Euhedral datalith claims that the Dragon Secutorii have been involved in a handful of decisive military actions in the Calixis Sector, notably during the final assault in the War of Brass, as the center of a deep-strike assassination of a Merates Clan leader in the Meritech Wars, and as part of a boarding party sent on a secret mission against the renegade fleet of the Malygrisian Tech-Heresy.

Only a small amount of technical data was recovered from the Euhedral datalith, but there are hints that the Dragon Secutorii go into battle encased in massive suits of specially augmented armor, and bear ancient weapons from the deepest Lathe vaults. All inquiries from the Inquisition have been rebuffed, and Lord Caidin considers the file scant evidence for a formal investigation.

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