The Drusians were among the first of the Calixian cults to gain official recognition by the Ministorum, and are now the largest and most powerful. Formed in the wake of Drusus’s rise to sainthood, it quickly spread across the sector and it is said that even Arch-Cardinal Ignato himself is counted among its numbers. The purpose of the cult is simple: to continue the great work of Drusus through the tightening of Imperial control within the Calixis Sector. Only through total dominance of the sector can Drusus’s memory be properly honored and his dream of total conquest realized. Drusian cultists teach that bravery and sacrifice in the Emperor’s name is paramount. Those not willing to give their lives for the Emperor are unworthy to receive His blessing. Likewise, to refuse to battle the enemies of the Imperium, or worse yet, make common cause with them, is an unforgivable and irredeemable sin.

As old as the sector itself, the worship of Drusus has taken many forms and sprung up on many worlds over the centuries, in some places rising to rival the power of the Ministorum itself. While the mainstream Ministorum and Arch-Cardinal Ignato publicly embrace and support the Drusian Cult (in fact vast numbers of the Calixian Ecclesiarchy are Drusians in addition to any of their other allegiances), its is sometimes seen as a rival to Ecclesiarchy power and its focused faith in the God-Emperor. However it cannot be denied that the presence of Saint Drusus can be felt on almost every world within the Calixis Sector.

The cult’s most important holy day is, unsurprising, Drusus Day. Cult members must gather and proclaim deeds done in the saint’s name for the year past. The cult primarily attracts soldiers and other martially-orientated individuals, though it is open to anyone who would kneel before the statue of the saint and vow to continue his work. The cult’s symbol is the Blade of Drusus, a curved silver chainsword.

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