The public face of the Lathes, these are the stations most often open to outsiders. Although consisting mostly of cargo transfer points and docking facilities for mass haulers and high liners, they also hold trade hostels, factorum houses, and many other cogs in the machine of commerce and intra-Sector relations. Each Excipio Station is grav-stabilized for ease of navigation and to make non-augmented humans feel more at home. Aside from the various bureaucratic establishments and service industries that have grown up to accommodate visitors and transitory personnel, there are numerous fauxctories placed throughout these regions which churn out a variety of simple, benign products, a show for less-important visitors that would like to see the forges in action. Aside from the bulk cargo haulers, only rarely are outsiders allowed to pass beyond here to delve deeper into the Lathes System.

It is here that the enormous shipping vessels that transport the products of the Lathes around the Calixis Sector take on their native Lathe-pilots. Specialist Lathesmasters with limited augmentation designed to assist them in navigating the space of the system, the Lathe-pilots know every mote of dust floating within the system, and share a special connection with the strange phenomena that plague its spaceways. Highly prized for their ability to pilot large craft through crowded lanes of traffic, they all hail from the system, although many have since been emigrated to various Lathe Worlds and other Adeptus Mechanicus holdings.

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