The Explorator fleets are not an uncommon visitor to Adeptus Mechanicus outposts throughout the Calixis Sector. The tempting presence of the nearby Koronus Passage, leading into the unexplored reaches of the Halo Stars, acts as a siren song for those Tech-Priests sworn to the Quest for Knowledge. Explorators have arrived in the Calixis Sector in great numbers, eager to explore the Koronus Expanse and claim any treasures or useful knowledge for the glory of the Machine God. Naturally, the overwhelming majority of these Explorators are members of the Disciples of Thule and venerate the teachings of its founder.

Currently, an Explorator fleet under the command of Artisan Chaparral is forming in orbit over Lathe-Het, given the blessings of High Fabricator Castellar. The High Fabricator’s favor for the Explorators is in no small part responsible for the influx of support the group receives in the Calixis Sector. Chaparral has petitioned the High Fabricator for the right to add two Goliath-class factory ships to his fleet. The Artisan’s political maneuvering is adroit, and it is rumored that he may have secured a number of mass conveyors en route to the region from another forge world in a faraway sector, perhaps even Ryza or Gryphonne IV.

There are some high-ranked Tech-Priests who have objected to Chaparral’s plan, amongst them Magos Juris Konstantyn Ambolic. Ambolic is concerned that the seemingly endemic tech-heresy of the Calixis Sector should not taint any expeditions into the Koronus Expanse. Caution, the Magos Juris insists, should be applied rigorously to ensure that expeditions into the Expanse are purely interested in the service of the Omnissiah.

Forge World OriginEdit

The Explorator fleets crisscross the galaxy in the never-ending Quest for Knowledge. Each crewmember of each ship, from the lowliest rating to the highest Magos, knows that it is his duty to travel the stars and reclaim mankind’s lost heritage. There are numerous Explorator fleets within the Calixis Sector, some acting act as permanent defense fleets while others simply stop by on their way to the Halo Stars and beyond. Those who leave their fleet to start on a new path are a hardy and capable people, ready for any challenge.

Characters originating from an Explorator Fleet gain the Void Accustomed Trait as well as training in one of the following Skills: Forbidden Lore (Archeotech), Inquiry, Navigation (Stellar), or Scholastic Lore (Astromancy).

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