Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator Team X–120B has been roaming the outer regions of the Calixis Sector for nigh on a thousand years, moving from planet to planet and system to system, cataloguing evidence of alien races found there. Entire generations of excavators and xenoarchaeologists have lived and died whilst on a single excavation site on a single world, studiously cataloguing every shred of evidence that they find.

Explorator Team X–120B carries everything it needs with it, from huge crawlers that house the expedition to entire libraries of reports, catalogues, theories and discoveries. The Explorator Team even carries with it its own cogitators and analytica, to best draw conclusions about newly discovered artefacts whilst in the field.

An Acolyte might have need for the Explorator Team whilst investigating a mystery on an ancient alien world, hoping to draw on the extensive knowledge of the expedition.

As a ResourceEdit

What It Provides: Access to alien technology, insight into alien ruins, or extensive xenology resources.

Prerequisites: Scholastic Lore (any appropriate).

Resource Test Modifier: +0.

Price/Cost: Contact from the outside world in the form of messages or news.

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