This primitive frontier world lies within the Malfian sub-sector, along its border close the Halo Stars. Its tiny population is descended from generations of voiders marooned for past crimes. Spread across three small settlements, clustered around a single automated watch station that marks the Imperium’s outer boundary, the people of Kise have a well-deserved reputation as untrustworthy and devolved savages and mutation is rife among them.

Faldon Kise was the site of the third and final encounter between the thrice-bound Daemonhost known only as the Burning One and Inquisitor Felroth Gelt. Gelt had been tracking a sorcerer for over two years only to find him dead at the feet of the Burning One. The sorcerer, involved in a conflict between three rival cults, each serving different daemonic masters, had attempted to bind the Daemonhost to his will in order to gain an advantage for his faction. After the ensuing battle with Gelt and his retinue, in which one of his clerics was killed, the Burning One vanished once more.

While strategy isn’t usually associated with the Frateris Militia, in 681.M41 Deacon Ollenburger and his rabble group carved a defensible position by crashing the remnants of their badly damaged Jericho-class transport. Their force of around 3000 Frateris Militia armed with nothing more than handguns and improvised weapons beat off an attack from over ten thousand hardened slavers on the frontier world of Faldon Kise.

Unique EquipmentEdit


Class: Thrown (Primitive)

A form of light spear intended for throwing, used both for hunting and fighting. The javelin is a common sight on very primitive worlds that have devolved into savagery, such as Faldon Kise, and carried in clusters by the chariot-mounted warriors of Monrass.

Thrown, 18m, S/–/–, 1d10(+SB), R, PEN 1, Clip 1, Primitive, WT 1kg, Cost 8, Plentiful

Spine Pick

Spine picks are useful tools created from the tough spikes that protrude from the hide of the Gar-keeler, a giant porcupine-like creature that inhabits the jungles of the frontier world Faldon Kise in the Malfian sub-sector. Once the creature is slaughtered and its spines removed, the base of the spines are beveled into a crude handle, leaving the sharp spike tip in place.

The pick can be used as a basic, improvised weapon. However, its primary role is that of a climbing aid. A spine pick grants a +10 bonus on all Climb Tests.

Cost 25, WT 1kg, Uncommon

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