Fane Takara is one of the many fanes based out of Gunmetal City on Scintilla. A rising power, the Takara are creators of superior las weapons of all types. They have strong Cult Mechanicus ties and recently fought off a takeover by the Fane of Doru, forcing a radical reassessment of their power and influence by others in the Metallican hierarchy.

Unique EquipmentEdit

Minerva-Aegis Las Carbine

Class: Basic (Las)

Popular with the more notable mercenary companies and private guild armsmen, the Minerva-Aegis is a sophisticated las carbine that unusually features a high cycle-charge chamber allowing it a rapid pulse mode comparable to fully automatic fire. Fruit of the Aegis Fragment and currently produced under title to the Takara Fane of Gunmetal, the high-grade materials needed for its construction mean its cost is significantly more than more commonplace lasguns. It is an undoubted sign of discerning professionalism in a hired scummer (or aptitude in stealing from their betters), for them to be wielding a Minerva-Aegis.

Basic, 60m, S/4/8, 1d10+2, E, PEN 0, Clip 40, RLD Full, Reliable, WT 4.1kg, Cost 150, Scarce

Takara Palatine Compact Laspistol

Class: Pistol (Las)

A superior weapon, thanks to its advanced manufacture, the Palatine loses no stopping power despite being half the size of most military model laspistols. The Palatine has been produced exclusively for the last century by the Takara Fane of Gunmetal. As popular with the Scintillan nobility as it is with hardened mercenaries, the pistol is carried mostly for personal protection (by those that can afford it), and many of the noble scions that own one seek to further embellish their weapons with intricate lacquer work and inlays of precious metals to distinguish their weapons from those of “mere tradesmen”, a service the Takara also provide for the right fee.

Pistol, 20m, S/3/–, 1d10+2, E, PEN 0, Clip 20, RLD Full, Reliable, WT 1.1kg, Cost 100, Average

Voss Pattern Hellgun and Hellpistol

Class: Basic (Las) or Pistol (Las)

Utilizing advanced techniques of manufacture and internal gyro-stabilization, high power “hellguns” are the chosen weapons of the elite Inquisitorial Stormtroopers and Imperial Guard grenadier forces. Costly and difficult to manufacture, the primary source for these weapons in the Calixis Sector is the Takara Fane of Gunmetal City.

Hellguns are far more energy-hungry than standard las weapons and fed from power capacitor backpack units. They may use standard las weapon charge packs, but consume four charges per shot.

Hellgun: Basic, 110m, S/3/–, 1d10+4, E, PEN 3, Clip 40, RLD 3Full, WT 6kg (not including power backpack), Cost 180, Rare

Hellpistol: Pistol, 35m, S/2/–, 1d10+3, E, PEN 3, Clip 20, RLD 2Full, WT 4kg (not including power backpack), Cost 140, Rare

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