Though no longer functional, the colossal bulk of this derelict vessel still hangs in orbit above Tusk, almost like a second moon. Once commanded by Morgaash Kulgraz before the Warlord’s arrival in the Koronus Expanse from parts unknown, the Fist of Gork is now a shadow of its former self. Decades ago, when Morgaash first arrived in the Expanse, he did so aboard the Fist of Gork, its holds full to bursting with valuable loot from distant places. Unfortunately for Morgaash, the immense space hulk emerged from the Warp far too close to Tusk, bursting from the Immaterium at high speed and colliding with Tusk’s moon only minutes later. The moon, much larger than the Fist of Gork, survived essentially intact.

Only the space hulk’s unnatural construction prevented the collision from destroying it completely, but the damage was so great that it could no longer be considered anything other than scrap, and millions of Orks descended upon the wreckage to salvage anything of worth and loot the contents of its many holds. Morgaash Kulgraz, fighting off the lootas, had his boyz haul away the best of the loot and salvage and set their sights on the next biggest prize within Undred-Undred TeefDa Wurldbreaka.

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