Unique EquipmentEdit

Blacklight Projector

The dead world of Foulstone first produced these small angular machines (sometimes known as Shadowcasters), when Questors of the Adeptus Mechanicus discovered a cache buried in what was thought to be a mausoleum. Testing displayed their most obvious value—when one end was depressed, the other would emit a beam of purest midnight, deep enough to cloak any visible light and submerge anyone within the area in an instant nightfall. That it only blankets the wavelengths humans associate with vision is a troubling matter for of the Ordo Xenos; it is still unknown if they were designed deliberately as a weapon against humans who may have ventured into the Expanse long ago or if this is simply the byproduct of a less-noticeable effect. Anyone under the area effect of a Blacklight suffers -40 to all Perception based tests involving vision.

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