The Fra’al are a technologically advanced, highly psychic and merciless alien race. They are mysterious; who they are is unknown and aside from a few scattered stories mankind remains blissfully ignorant of the Fra’al. Accurate knowledge of the Fra’al is strictly prohibited by the Ordo Xenos, but in legend they are renowned for their technology and piratical raids.

Unique EquipmentEdit

Fra’al Glass Knife

The glass knife is a vicious hand weapon of xenos origin that has long been a staple of black market trade on the Halo Stars frontier. Glass knifes are jagged, dagger-like blades, seemingly crafted from a single piece of smoky crystal. Renowned for their strength, they are sharp enough to split ceremite. Glass knives maintain their sharpness by continually fracturing tiny shards from their cutting edges, and these splinters are infamous for working their way into wounds, causing agonizing injuries.

Smugglers’ lore among those that operate on the border of the Halo Stars attribute the blades to the legendary Fra’al, although many insist this is merely speculation. Accurate knowledge of the nomadic Fra’al is strictly prohibited by the Ordo Xenos, and aside from a few scattered stories, mankind remains blissfully ignorant of this merciless, highly psychic race.

Melee, 1d5+2(+SB), R, PEN 4, Toxic (1d10), WT 1.5kg

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