The Fydae System is located within the Malfian Sub-sector of the Calixis Sector. It is made up of the agri-world of Fydae Minos, the mining world of Junos and the frontier world of Kessae. It has long been a troublesome system, and ongoing skirmishes have been running on and off for nearly 200 years against disparate pirate clans whose strongholds move as swiftly as do their vessels. All of the habitable planets in the region have been witness to scenes of open combat, with Imperial Guard regiments supplementing local Planetary Defense Forces in an attempt to pin down some of the larger and more cavalier pirate factions.

The Fydae System is home to a strain of reanimating daemon-plague known as the Fydae Strain, linked to the heretical Vile Savants. Sutter’s Rock, an asteroid mining facility, was completely overwhelmed by the undead before it was destroyed. The plague, however, persists and continues to threaten the sector.

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