Ghostfire is a flower native to Iocanthos. When it was discovered to possess potent psychoactive properties, particularly when rendered down and concentrated in the form of a bloodlust-inducing combat drug, it became a staple of Imperial Guard penal legions across the sector and is even exported beyond.

The rendered pollen has become the planet’s only tithe to the Imperium. Otherwise, the planet has been left to languish and exists in a near feral state. Indeed, the control of the pollen’s export, traded for arms and the products of off-world industry by the planet’s fractious warlords, has become the measure of power on Iocanthos and even further cause for bloodshed and violence.

Ghostfire itself has proved all but impossible to synthesise or cultivate on other worlds, and is incredibly difficult to intensively farm as its tangled iridescen blossoms seem to cleave only to the torn and battlefield-strewn lands. This has led to a popular myth that may well have more than a grain of truth to it, that the Ghostfire’s nourishment is anguish, despair and violence and that one blossom springs for every one of the world’s lost souls. Some even whisper the sedition that those who rule the sector prevent anyone from looking too closely into the suspect nature of these “crops”, ignoring what should be obvious to anyone who spends time among the warring clans of Iocanthos: that wherever their soldiers fight and die, the Ghostfire flowers soon follow.

Ghostfire Pollen Extract Edit

An incredibly dangerous liquid distilled from the condensed pollen of the Ghostfire flowers of Iocanthos, Ghostfire extract is the material from which the bulk of the Segmentum Obscurus’s versions of Frenzon are actually derived. The potency of the extract is such that the Imperium long ago concluded it was a far better idea to create a “lesser version” than lose soldiers to the overwhelming effects of a pure dose.

A dose of Ghostfire pollen extract grants the Fearless and Frenzy talents and the Unnatural Agility (×2) trait. The effects last for 2d10 minutes. As a side effect, however, the user takes 1 point of Damage (ignoring Armor and Toughness Bonus) as he bleeds through his pores.

Cost 300, Very Rare

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