Granithor is a Cemetery World in the Golgenna Reach of the Calixis Sector. It was the homeworld of Inquisitor Starkh, whose father was a Master Mourner serving the crumbling Saint Astilenius Shrine District.

Inquisitor Marr arrived on the planet, in search of grave-census records linked to that ancient line of the Haarlock Legacy. He found his records, but at the same time, the attendants of Granithor’s Inner Shrine, where the great and the good are interred for all time, had become involved in some form of organized grave-robbing sponsored by rival noble lines across the sector that had been paying for the desecration of the graves of their rivals. They interfered with Marr's work and were purged. Starkh assisted his Acolyte Cells and was recruited into Marr's retinue.

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