The center of the Ecclesiarchy’s power in the Calixis Sector is undoubtedly the great Cathedral of Illumination in Hive Tarsus on the capital world of Scintilla. In the shadow of this great edifice to Imperial faith lies hundreds of minor chapels, priories and monastic orders, each serving some facet of worship, pilgrimage, or the monolithic bureaucracy of the Ecclesiarchy itself. Among these are the great chantries, colleges created to train those talented enough (or wealthy enough) for high rank within the priesthood. Many chantries are sponsored by individual noble houses or dogmatic sects who seek to further their own ends by influencing subsequent generations of the clergy. To their detractors, these chantries are at best divisive and, at worse, seditious breeding grounds for heresy or purely secular greed and ambition. Still, their presence and role has become the accepted tradition, and it is a powerful one.

Of the chantries, the Drusine is the oldest and most mysterious. The Scoriaen is a zealous hotbed whose claim is the great number of Witch Hunters they have produced in the past. Many nobles choose the Vulpine as a dumping ground for unwanted and unruly “children”, while the recently founded Ignatian chantry is little more than a creature of the current high cardinal, made to consolidate his grip on power.

Background PackagesEdit

Cleric: The Great Chantries of Tarsus

Home World: Noble Born, Imperial World, or Hive World

Cost: 200 XP

A cleric trained in a Tarsus chantry is likely to be more politically-minded than most and may harbor ambitions for high office one day. Some may see a role within the Inquisition as a stepping-stone to greatness or the vocation of Ordo-sanctioned Witch Hunter as their true calling. In either case a Tarsine Priest makes for a spiritually knowledgeable, worldly-wise and politically skilled Acolyte.

Effects: Apply all of the following changes to your character: Characteristics: Increase Intelligence and Fellowship Characteristics by +5. Reduce Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill and Strength Characteristics all by –5.

Skills: You begin play with Charm (Fel), Common Lore (Ecclesiarchy) (Int), Scrutiny (Per) and Speak Language (High Gothic) (Int).

Talents: You start the game with Peer (Ecclesiarchy).

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