A Halo of Darkness Edit

The Calixis Sector sits close to the galactic rim, bordered by the Halo Stars. It is said that those who cross the rim seldom return the same. Out in the darkness of the void, beyond the gaze of the God-Emperor, things inhuman and unimaginable are said to dwell. Recently, the Ordos Calixis uncovered an organization calling itself the “Halo of Darkness” that transported people beyond the rim and returned them somehow “changed”. The cult appeared to be made up of a cabal of ship captains, some even holding ranks within the Imperial Navy, which would take hundreds of people out to unknown destinations within the Halo Stars.

They would then return these people to their lives, though altered somehow and evidently not “themselves”. Fearing some kind of xenos infiltration of the sector, the Inquisition moved quickly and smashed apart the Halo of Darkness. Unfortunately the Inquisitorial agents were unable to discover the cult’s destinations within that forbidding area of space. Some within the Ordos say the purge moved too quickly and vital clues were lost, whilst others argue that by moving as quickly as they did a terrible disaster was narrowly averted. Whatever the case, the search for those individuals “touched” by the organization and the true power behind the cult continues.

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