The House of Corvus is young noble house of Scintilla. From its seat in the Citadel of Morn in Hive Sibellus, it labors to increase their power and prestige amongst the haughty and insular elite. The House of Corvus has only existed for seven decades. Before its coming to Sibellus, it was simply a branch line of Traak, a merchant clan from far Mandragora Sector. Its fortune made by unknown means, it has established itself with every trapping of old Sibellian nobility: its name, its symbol of a crows wing, its great and echoing mausoleums waiting for the dead, and the death-masked vassals all are a lie of established nobility---a lie of which the House of Corvus is all too conscious.

Desperate to become a respected and acknowledged power, the House of Corvus pursues wealth and power with a brutal and unsubtle hunger. These strutting bullies of the Scintillan elite use the methods of the gutter crime lord---extortion and theft from those weaker than themselves. As much as they crave to be feared and respected, they fear the true powers of the Calixian elite. The House of Corvus has long sought a key to true power that will place it above its enemies and grant its members the status they crave. Therefore, the nobles of the House of Corvus desperately seek the treasures of the Haarlock legacy, spurred on by their need to keep the knives of their enemies from their throats.

As a ResourceEdit

What It Provides: House Corvus can provide money or pay for mercenary muscle.

Prerequisites: Peer (Underword) or Peer (Nobility).

Resource Test Modifier: +0.

Price/Cost: The House of Corvus requires some advantageous introduction or contact to be made that increases its prestige.

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