House Klave, also known as the Diversified House of the Lords Klave, are a minor noble house based on Scintilla. They have long invested in archeostudy across the Golgenna Reach; it is a proven road to greater wealth and power. Gilded museums in the spires of Hive Sibellus assure the Lords Klave a grand position in noble society, whilst trade in unique rarities---even xenos artefacts, some whisper---swells House coffers.

In 735.M41 a House Klave survey discovered huge gateway markers carved into equatorial cliff-faces on Designate–228–18: a barren, bone-dry moon of the Settlement 228 system, comprising a low-gravity, cool desert waste of grey dust dunes, dark rocky outcrops, a thin and unbreathable atmosphere, and great dust storms that churn the dunes.

In 753.M41 Athus Klave uncovered and partially mapped the labyrinth of Archeocomplex I. Tunnels, deep vertical shafts, and strangely shaped vaults extended for leagues beneath the dunes---but all were empty or collapsed, and the expedition proved a costly failure. In following decades, Designate–228–18 was the subject of lesser academic archeoexpeditions and modest House Klave patronage; further exploration made inroads into Archeocomplexes II and III. In 782.M41, artefacts and tech-remains of unknown patterns were uncovered in the complex depths and returned to Scintilla. They were declared, on the flimsiest basis, to be of pagan human origin, evidence for the Scintillan Empire of Antiquity theory popular at the time. Their exhibition brought much prestige for the House, and rumors circled of psy-active materials not displayed, but traded to greater Houses for princely sums.

On the strength of these relics, favored scion Tyreus Klave led a well-equipped archeoexpedition to the largest complex yet discovered---and vanished without a trace. A relief expedition recovered only scattered equipment and ambiguous vox records. They departed Designate–228–18 in fear and haste after some of their number also disappeared.

Knowledgeable archeoexplorators of Scintilla believe, correctly, that the ruins of Designate–228–18 are xenos in origin. House Klave keeps this secret: the Lords Klave do not wish to lose access to Designate–228–18 should the Administratum be forced to declare it forbidden. House Klave members are presently financing a new expedition to the archeocomplexes---the gene material of Tyreus Klave must be recovered.

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