Hredrin is a Hive World in the Josian Reach in the Calixis Sector. On Hredrin, the Cult of the Divine Saviour preaches tithing to the God-Emperor as both a mark of gratitude for success and a sacrifice to ward off misfortune. Also known as the Tithe of Weal and Woe, it has created a generation of faithful citizens intent on living a life not excessively good or excessively bad, lest they become impoverished by donations---and then have to give even more coin to repent for their misfortune!

It was the site of a prime example of the crime of abstractionism, when members of the Adeptus Arbites stray into vigilantism. The incident was based out of the Cerpicia Precinct. Unauthorized and unmarked kill teams were sent to execute criminals at the behest of an illegal “star chamber” of judgment. Venerable Marshals used their subordinates to assassinate members of other Imperial agencies who they felt “must” be heretics.

Unique EquipmentEdit

Hedrian Shock-Staff

These unusual weapons are used by the noble Hallmarshals of Hredrin. On a hive world rife with knife wielding thugs, these brave enforcers patrol the vast underground chambers of the great tunnel-cities armed with elegant metal poles surmounted at each end with buzzing shock generators. The Hallmarshalls have developed a unique style of fighting which enables them to keep opponents well beyond arm’s length before they lunge in and drop them gasping to the cold floor by use of the stunning energies of their weapons.

Melee, 1d10, I, PEN 0, Balanced, Shocking, WT 4kg, Cost 325, Rare

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