The Hrud, also known as the Nocturnal Warriors of Hrud and by the scientific name Troglydium hrudii, are a xenos species that inhabit the galaxy.

Unique EquipmentEdit

Hrud Fusil

Little is known of the reclusive and dangerous race known as the Hrud other than that they dwell only in darkness and possess strange, warp-based technology which, it is said, allows them to walk between worlds and even corrupt the flow of time with their baleful presence. The fusil is one of a scant few Hrud artifacts that occasionally come up for sale and is always in high demand. It is a form of “plasma musket” that uses an unfathomable mechanism to phase a plasma bolt between realspace and the warp, bypassing its target’s defenses. Though somewhat unpredictable, the weapon’s unique qualities make it useful for assassins and Inquisitorial agents alike.

Fusils traded on the black market have been crudely modified to accept Imperial plasma cells. However, if a fusil’s mechanism becomes badly damaged it cannot be repaired by human hands.

Basic, 100m, S/–/–, 2d10, E, PEN 5, Clip 3, RLD 3Full, Inaccurate, Overheats, Warp Weapon, WT 4kg

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