"Slaver, destroyer of Imperial souls, tool of the Archenemy... slayer of my acolytes."

–From the Journals of Inquisitor Felroth Gelt, 3.056.707.M41

Illucis Grizvaldi is a heretek and infamous for his use of oblivion volitors. These tech-devices are a corrupted and clumsy pattern of neuroaugmetic; when surgically implanted into the brain, an oblivion volitor turns a man into a soulless “obliviate.” Obliviates are empty shells, living on after the soul is consigned to nothingness. Illucis Grizvaldi held court for heretek vermin upon Scintilla at the opening of the 8th century M41. Iron-clad hereteks paraded those who once spoke against their master: the newly made obliviates were leashed and naked---bloody, drooling, and empty-eyed. The idea that those torn souls would never feel the God-Emperor’s embrace put terror into Imperial hearts. For all to see, the arch-heretek had destroyed the essence of the faithful by means of the heavy, clacking augmetics embedded in their skulls. It was by fear and death that Illucis Grizvaldi held sway over his underhive domain.

The heretek Illucis Grizvaldi lives yet, despite a claimed victory in Sibellus underhive. His cursed sigils inscribed upon oblivion volitors are now seen in the Tsares Hive on Merov. Feral obliviates now roam through the crumbling and abandoned Volyan Waste Conduit strata. The 30 rival Brother-Generals of the Merov Penal Legion are set upon escalating paths of superficial and destructive solutions to the problem---death gas, poured rockcrete, and demolition by battle-cannon are but the least of what is underway.

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