“The touch of Chaos can be soft and sweet as easily as it can be vile; that is a truth that must be understood lest you fall without even knowing you do so.”

–Inquisitor Cassilda Cognos: The Tenebrae Dictates

Inquisitor Cassilda Cognos was an influential and controversial member of the Calixian Conclave and Tyrantine Cabal. It was she that assisted Lord Inquisitor Anton Zerbe in its creation when she swayed Lord Inquisitor Caidin to their cause. It was also she who conceived the plan to form the Tenebrae Collegium, reasoning that while the effort of all the Ordos was needed to unravel the Tyrant Star’s mystery, the Cabal’s inner circle would need to find their own core of allies and servants---even amongst the vassals of their obstinate comrades if needs be---to carry out their work and ward off utter disaster. So was born the Tenebrae Collegium, a brotherhood of higher purpose, and into it Cognos poured all her skill and brilliance, although she was herself only to survive just long enough to see the first wave of agents “graduate”. The Tenebrae Collegium endures as memorial both lasting and terrible to her vision. It is said Cassilda Cognos once quipped in a rare moment of levity that the Collegium “took outstanding dissemblers and accomplished liars and then began their work”.

Her teachings and pupils, much like the Tyrantine Cabal and Tenebrae Collegium, have come into much question and investigation by other Inquisitors. One of her personal pupils, Ferran Ghast, is know known to be a heretic and renegade despite years of loyal service. The Blighted Schola, a program that existed as a darker parody of the Schola Progenium made to raise servants for radical Inquisitors, was discovered to be the result of a group known as the Golgenna Coven, of which there were four Inquisitors: Simion, Nihul, Estarz and Alhain, all close associates of pupils of the late Cassilda Cognos. This prompted Inquisitor Glavius Wroth, chief investigator of the Blighted Schola heresy, to say that he would ahve “denounced her as complicit were she not dead.”

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