“Beyond those forbidden heights, gated and bound by bonds that man should never break, waits a throne that gods would fear to take.”

—Note found in the personal documents of renegade Inquisitor Erya Nephthys

Perhaps the greatest foe any Inquisitor fears to face is one of their own number turned renegade. The sealed and proscribed annals of Imperial history accounts the dark paths of some whose very names have become bywords of treachery and destruction, but for the Calixian Conclave, there is no renegade in living memory more reviled than Erya Nephthys.

Renowned as a dogmatic Monodominant within Ordo Hereticus, beneath Erya’s façade shadows grew and festered in her heart: she had become utterly and secretly obsessed with her own survival at all costs. Wounded many times over her career, she had lost an arm to a Daemon on Sinophia, been resuscitated twice and had to spend a full year convalescing after terrible events on the ill-famed world of Dusk. It was this last horror that drove her over the edge.

Secretly for years she had bent her efforts to pursuing those like her—obsessed with death and immortality. She hunted down necro-cults and heretek vivisectors, destroyed them and keeping their secrets for herself to conduct blasphemous sorceries to conquer the grave. After an armed raid on the Genators of the Hippocrasian Agglomeration, she sparked a schism between the Mechanicus and the Holy Ordos that threatened outright conflict. Recalled to the Tricorn Palace on Scintilla to explain her actions, when she did return it was no more than a ruse, and using terrible and unguessed at sorceries and forbidden sciences, she struck, slaying several Inquisitors and scores of Acolytes before stealing several artefacts from the deep vaults and making her escape.

In response, the wrath of the Ordos was terrible to behold and, united in grief for the fallen and outrage at Erya’s crime, it acted with single and terrible purpose. The pursuit lasted for fifteen years and left no stone unturned, regardless of the consequences. Erya and her agents were hounded from the Scarus Drift to the far side of the Hazeroth Abyss, and as she died for a final time, burning in the blaze of Witch Finder Rykehuss’s inferno pistol, she swore she would yet rise again to avenge herself on the living. Her ashes now remain in a sealed vault in the depths of the Tricorn Palace.

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