Inquisitor Forstav is a rogue Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos and a known radical who employs alien mercenaries.

In late 977.M41, he attended a conclave in the Tricorn Palace, attended by a bodyguard of three-dozen Kroot mercenaries. The response from Forstav’s fellow Inquisitors when he entered the great hall flanked by his savage companions was mixed, but a sizeable number of Puritans denounced him on the spot. Bloodshed followed, and a number of the denouncers were slain.

Unfortunately for Inquisitor Forstav, his Kroot bodyguards set to devouring the flesh of those they had slain, as is their species’ habit, a sight that proved too much for even the most liberal of Inquisitors attending the Conclave. Forstav was forced to fight his way out of the Tricorn Palace, a feat which, amazingly, he succeeded in, making it out, severely wounded, with a dozen of his bodyguard at his side. Inquisitor Forstav is thought to be at large somewhere in the Malfian sub-sector, and a number of Inquisitors present that day are said to be seeking him still.

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