“You think you can be an Inquisitor just because you’ve the courage to kill? Ha! Wisdom is a more terrible weapon than bravery, or hate, or even love. For a wise man knows when he has no choice, and when he strikes nothing can stay his hand, though it be stained with the blood of a murdered world.”

— Inquisitor Herrod

A renowned member of the Calixian Conclave for nearly two centuries, Inquisitor Herrod famously owned a pair of anointed Lathe-sabres and acquired a skill for using them that made him one of the most feared swordsmen of his time. Forged in the high Imperial style, these long, louche sabres sent countless heretics and unclean beasts to their deaths.

Herrod himself was an infamous duelist, ready to avenge any slight with blood---even one made by a fellow Inquisitor. Herrod habitually bore one of the blades himself, while the second was carried by his foremost Acolyte during his apprenticeship as a mark of honor. On the nine occasions during his career that Herrod officially sponsored one of his charges to full Inquisitorial rank, he presented them with a Lathe-blade of their own, never a copy of his but each a unique design that “best suited their true character”.

Seventy years ago, Herrod and his ship disappeared without trace while pursuing a horrific warp cult known as the Vile Savants deep into the Halo Stars, but tales of the flamboyant Herrod and his gifts live on, not least because Herrod’s blades are now borne by several of the sector’s most renowned Inquisitors.

The Host-BoundEdit

The discovery of the stasis chambers aboard the Space Hulk Unbound Corruption would have led any proper Inquisitor to destroy every cryo-coffin. Unfortunately it was the cybernetically resurrected Inquisitor Herrod who stumbled upon those within the vast chamber. Unknown dark rituals had been performed on hundreds of Imperial citizens, preparing them as an army of Daemonhosts for a now dead cabal. Thus prepared, but never filled with a Daemon, the mortals were blessed with some limited defense against the warp, and slumbered undisturbed aboard the Unbound Corruption until Herrod found them.

The Tyrantine Cabal now allows these poor souls to filter back into the population at large, placing them in positions to be selected as Acolytes. Most live quiet lives of faith, as any other Imperial citizen, believing that they have simply emerged from a long trip in stasis as pilgrims to a new planet. Many, however, are recruited into the Ordo Malleus to serve as tools against the Daemonic.

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