Known Aliases: Professor Dolorosa, Witch-Wielder, Keeper of the Inner Fire

Known Associates or Organizations: The Burning Princess, Montesque (deceased), Jenni Rational

Preferred Methods of Operation: Kane tends to operate behind the scenes, using his psychic powers to spy upon his objective and learn all he can about it before making his move. Kane has several mind-wiped agents serving him (simply because serving him is all they know), and his mastery of various psychic gifts allows him to escape nearly any trap if things go wrong.

The sanctioned psyker Hettesh Kane was once a renowned teacher in the Scholastica Psykana. He became a dedicated member of the Ordo Hereticus to hunt down and eliminate rogue psykers throughout the Imperium. However, Kane’s experiences and personal beliefs led him to become convinced that psykers could achieve nearly anything, if properly trained and possessing deep moral conviction. Over time, Kane began to train and teach those he captured rather than destroying them outright. Although he was not always successful, Kane sought to turn those who were once enemies into agents of the Golden Throne.

One of his most notable failures was a proud young student named Montesque, a native of Kulth. Montesque displayed frightening potential and surpassed his mentor in nearly every way after only a few short years of training. Kane quickly realized that his pupil was an alpha-grade psyker, and that Montesque’s powers were rapidly growing more and more difficult to control. Kane slew the younger psyker and experimented with Montesque’s unique brain, eventually constructing an unusual psy-focus out of his former student’s skull to amplify and push the limits of his own considerable powers.

Hettesh Kane’s psychic abilities are in the upper delta-band, but what is far more dangerous than his raw power is the level of mastery he displays. Finesse and skill are Kane’s hallmarks, and although he does not despise non-psykers, he does pity them. His focus is firmly fixed upon a time when all mankind will be able to shape the warp to their will, and Kane is determined to do nearly anything to ensure that future comes to pass. He strongly identifies with the Polypsykana faction, although he has not yet fully committed his allegiance.

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